The ViP® HeartSpeak® Muscle Testing Assist Card


Sometimes you might find mixed signals when muscle testing your client. This makes it harder to get a clear reading. The MTA Card* can be used to clear and strengthen the client’s energy field to make it more readable for the purposes of muscle testing.

An original idea from HeartSpeak® to assist with tuning in to the subtleties of muscle testing. Whether you’re new to kinesiology or experienced and need a little extra focus, the HeartSpeak® Muscle Testing Assist card is the answer.

Use the HeartSpeak® Muscle Testing Assist Card when you can’t get a clear read on a patient because there are always those patients who are harder to muscle test than others. Because it’s designed to improve Biofield coherence, the Card will allow you to better distinguish between strongs and weaks – thus improving your accuracy. Simply ask your client to hold the Card during the muscle testing session to experience the difference.

The HeartSpeak® Muscle Testing Assist Card has been designed exclusively for HeartSpeak® International. It’s particularly useful during HeartSpeak® sessions – or for use with any k-based therapy.

The HeartSpeak® Muscle Testing Assist Card’s magnetic strip carries a ViP® Vibrationally Imprinted energy signature to stimulate improved Biofield coherence.

TRY THIS!  . . . carry the MTA Card in your wallet or pocket and feel the lift of powerful resonant energy optimising your vitality, clarity and focus throughout the day!”

*Comes with a protective transparent sleeve