The ViP® Energised Transition Bead


Wear it to powerfully uplift your mood with ‘good vibes’, helping you keep centred and balanced during the changes and transitions of your life.

This tiny treasure is different from regular jewellery. The Transition Bead holds a very special Vibrationally Imprinted® natural frequency that has a subtly resonant effect on the energy field.

The Transition Bead is brought to life with the inner glow of 22ct gold foils. This special alchemy is captured imaginatively for you with the fine workmanship and skill of Italian glassmakers.

Available on an adjustable waxed cotton thong (28”/70cm approx), the Transition Bead can be worn around the neck or wrist. You may also like to incorporate it into another piece of jewellery or have it strung onto a fine chain.

*Top Tip

Place your Heartmoods transition bead on your heart or solar plexus when taking time out

A great ‘power nap’

“When I power nap with my transition bead I feel my tension level drop almost immediately. After 10 minutes I come out feeling deeply refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.” P.T.