The Oxford Studies: Validating Muscle Testing



Dr Anne Jensen completed her DPhil (PhD) at Oxford University studying the validity of Muscle Response Testing – with very exciting results! In this 3-hour course, she will talk about her experiences, and outline the methods she used for each of the studies in her series of 6 diagnostic test accuracy studies. She will also summarise her findings, discuss their implications, and compare them to the results of previous studies in the field. She will also clarify what she means by Muscle Response Testing, and describe how it is distinctly different from other forms of manual muscle testing. This lecture is tailored toward those who may have no background in clinical research – as Dr Jensen uses language that anyone can understand. Whether you are a muscle testing practitioner, an educator, a patient, or just someone that is curious about muscle testing, you will find this course fascinating!

All proceeds from the sale of this course will go toward further validating muscle response testing and techniques that use muscle response testing. Thank you for your support!