HeartSpeak® Tools



Do your emotions hijack your thoughts, behaviours and attention? Do they put you in a tailspin that you find difficult to escape? Are you sometimes triggered into reacting – and often don’t know why?!? The HeartSpeak® Tools can help! In this course, you will learn why this happens – and more importantly, what you can do about it! The HeartSpeak® Tools are a set of 10 easy to learn processes which you can put to use immediately. They will help you break free of automatic reactions and regain control!

In this course, you will learn about the Feeling Mind – and how it differs from the Thinking Mind. You will learn about Triggers – and how to apply each of the HeartSpeak® Tools to override your Triggers. You will also have an opportunity to practice each Tool, guided by world renown expert on emotional wellbeing, Dr Anne Jensen.

Enjoy the course!