HeartSpeak® Art Book



Do you experience harmful feelings – like stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration – more often than you experience the pleasant feelings of joy, peace, serenity, clarity and bliss? Then your health may be suffering.

Research suggests that the unpleasant feelings are not only unpleasant – they are actually harmful.  They can severely impact your health and diminish your sense of well-being. Plus, because they are linked to survival, they can hijack your attention – forcing the more pleasant “Beneficial Feelings” from your consciousness. This makes it difficult to find these Beneficial Feelings – so much so that we can forget what these feelings feel like.

The good news is that research also shows that Beneficial Feelings can become easier to recall with practice, however, they must be experienced regularly for them to promote health. These HeartSpeak® Cards were designed for you to practice the Beneficial Feelings – so that they will be accessible to you anytime you wish to recall them.

Dr Anne Jensen and Helen Jones have teamed up to create this exquisite coffee table book – that will help you remember how to feel the Beneficial Feelings. Use it daily and watch your health, your mood and your life take off!

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