Grievance Policy

HeartSpeak® International Grievance Policy

1. Purpose

This policy outlines the procedure for addressing and resolving grievances within HeartSpeak® International, a provider of HeartSpeak® training courses. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and professional learning environment for all participants.

2. Definitions

Grievance: A concern or complaint raised by a course participant or affiliate related to the training services, conduct, or interactions within HeartSpeak® International.

3. Grievance Procedure

Step 1: Informal Resolution

Participants or affiliates with a grievance should first attempt to resolve the issue informally. This may involve direct communication with the individual involved or their designated representative if applicable.

Step 2: Formal Grievance

If the grievance remains unresolved after Step 1, the individual should submit a formal grievance in writing to HeartSpeak® International. The grievance should include details of the concern, the desired outcome, and any relevant supporting documentation. See Grievance Form following.

Step 3: Investigation and Response

Upon receiving a formal grievance, HeartSpeak® International will conduct a thorough and impartial investigation. This may involve interviews with involved parties and a review of relevant documentation.

HeartSpeak® International will provide a written response to the grievance within 14 days, outlining any actions taken or proposed solutions. If more time is needed, the individual will be informed of the delay and provided with a new timeframe.

Step 4: Escalation

If the individual is not satisfied with the resolution provided in Step 3, they may escalate the grievance to an external authority if applicable.

4. Confidentiality

All parties involved in a grievance process are expected to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the details of the grievance.

5. Non-Retaliation

Participants or affiliates who raise a grievance will not face any form of retaliation for doing so.

6. Records

Records of all grievances and their resolutions will be maintained by HeartSpeak® International, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

7. Review

This Grievance Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable regulations.

8. Contact Information

Individuals may address grievances or seek clarification by contacting the HeartSpeak® administrator here: admin@HeartSpeak®.com. 

Date of Policy Approval: 8 November 2023