I always feel great after a session with Dr Anne. I have seen such huge shifts and felt profound changes in my whole wellbeing, in only a few sessions. After many years of suffering with sometimes crippling anxiety, low self-esteem, recurrent depression and a general low lying feeling that something just wasn’t right, I now feel a lightness inside and life feels positive in a way I have never felt before. Not only do I feel able to move through life with more ease, this ease feels solid and not fleeting or transient as it has done so many times before and with other emotional release work. Even on subtle levels, for example holding eye contact with people, have I felt a change in my being. I’ve had many people say how amazing I look- perhaps something has lifted from behind my eyes- but I feel both more engaged, engaging and connected. I’m sure there is lots still lurking in there! But it feels life changing to have connected with this process and to see and feel such instant and tangible results. Dr Anne brings an immense level of empathy and intuition to the sessions and I always feel completely safe and heard. I am amazed by HeartSpeak and am telling everyone!! I can’t recommend Dr Anne highly enough.
– M.D. from the UK

After almost a year of trying everything to help our daughter stop withholding her bowel movements, we were at a complete loss as to what to do. Dr Anne Jensen came into our lives and after just two HeartSpeak sessions we have our daughter back, happy and healthy! We would highly recommend Dr. Jensen. We are truly amazed!”
– Charlotte (and Mia), from Canada

“For six months, I struggled with a particular topic creating every roadblock imaginable, wondering how I could possibly overcome each hurdle. After one HeartSpeak session with Dr. Anne, every problem seemed to just vanish. They all simply found ways to solve themselves. It is incredible how easy life can flow when you use the right tools. What held me back for six months, now overnight has me moving forward in leaps and bounds. Thank you so much Dr. Anne for using your incredible technique and talent to help make such a profound difference in my life!”
– Karyn, from Australia

“Heart Speak assisted me in letting go of grief that I was clinging on to for dear life over the last 15 years. We discovered early childhood traumas and addressed this also. To be able to wake each morning and not have feelings of guilt, dread and anger is truly peaceful and I’m so eternally grateful to Dr Jensen and HeartSpeak for helping me to see, that I am valuable.”
– Reggie, from Australia

“The only way I can describe all of the issues that Dr Anne has helped me deal with is like a big spring clean, and then there are smaller, more manageable chunks left behind which makes me feel more in control of managing myself. It’s like a big, dark cupboard that hasn’t been touched for a long time – you know you need to clean it out because it is causing a blockage in your home and it is leaving you with no space to put your nice things into.”
– Katy, from Cornwall, United Kingdom

Listen to what T.D. from Canada has to say about HeartSpeak… from Anne Jensen on Vimeo.

“HeartSpeak enables the attendees to quickly learn an incredibly easy, non-intrusive way of helping someone, including themselves, release emotional blockages and allowing them the feeling of being free from what was causing their stress in the first place. HeartSpeak is an invaluable tool to have in your personal toolbox.”
– T.S. from Australia

“HeartSpeak is, quite simply, a powerful and practical tool/ method to assist oneself and others to clear the compelling patterns resulting from human stresses/ experiences which contribute to lingering physical and mental challenges. The clarity, ease and peace of mind one can achieve allow for a less encumbered approach to one’s physical health and life choices.”
– K.D. from Ireland

“I’ve always known that the ‘true me’ is hidden somewhere underneath all the crippling emotions and ‘baggage’ and was struggling to come out of hiding. HeartSpeak takes away the struggle and the true meaning of “being your true self” becomes crystal clear. HeartSpeak puts help literally at your fingertips! It lets you “Unwind your mind … and set your heart free!!”
– N.N. from New Zealand

“HeartSpeak helps you let go of the past and feel freedom and space. You can use it to help shift stress from your body/life no matter where you are. HeartSpeak is a life changing tool.”
– T.J. from Australia

“HeartSpeak will change your life completely. HeartSpeak is a tool that you can easily practice on yourself and your family and friends, it is easy to do and the HeartSpeak courses are fantastic. Anne lovingly guides your through the whole process leaving you confident to practice HeartSpeak by yourself. smile emoticon smile emoticon I fully recommend the courses.”
– D.K. from Australia

“HeartSpeak is a quick easy and fun tool to be able to remove present and past stress and hurt from yours and your loved ones life. Its fantastic. Its very powerful. U can use HeartSpeak to stop negative beliefs and patterns in your life.”
– K.S. from Australia

“Take a HeartSpeak course for yourself, make a good choice for your long term happiness and health.”
– S.E. from Australia

“I did the HeartSpeak course in Western Australia in April. I mainly wanted to use HeartSpeak for myself and also for my family. I’m a mum of 5, wife whose husband works away 4 weeks at a time and small business owner. HeartSpeak has helped me cope with day to day life and all the hurdles that appear, it’s helped me get rid of pain and has definitely helped my family, children and husband. I love that it isn’t about the story and I don’t have to dwell on past issues, it’s just about feeling and removing painful, tricky or unhealthy feelings that hinder me. I say give it a go!”
– S.E. from Australia

“Heart Speak facilitates an internal emotional dialogue between your subconscious and conscious minds, to eradicate the barriers and limited belief’s that inhibit you from being the best you can be.”
– A.H. from the UK

“HeartSpeak shifts something inside, closer to true healing. I am never more amazed as when I see the pattern shifting through the muscles as they are held, and the person I am working with not only has a knowing inside that something has changed, but a very real physical sense as well.”
– M.S. from the UK

“HeartSpeak is great stuff. Something everyone should learn for yourself, your family, for a more peaceful world.”
– M.K. from the US

“It’s like nothing else Ellen – you just have to give it a try smile emoticonMy take on it is HeartSpeak shows me how to find a loving friend inside, who knows me better than anyone – and knows how to soothe and heal me.”
– R.I. from the UK

“I found HeartSpeak at a time when I had pretty much given up on finding the key to my voice problems of 17 years. I had tried and learnt so many modalities…Reiki, Pranic Healing, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Private Subconscious Healing – PSH, Bowen therapy. etc. During the HeartSpeak Workshop I didn’t even work on my voice and I was debating whether to book in for a session with Anne. Instead…on the day after I decided to work on myself and by the Tuesday my voice had cleared! It is the missing link I have been looking for It’s very exciting. ‘Feeling’ is the key. Allow yourself to feel fully and clear those trapped emotions and you will immediately feel lighter. I use it with my clients…before or after Reflexology..and it helps them as well. I am so blessed to have found Anne and HeartSpeak. I tell everyone about it as I believe everyone needs to know how to do it. You won’t regret giving it a go.”
– C.H. from Australia

“I am sooo blessed to have found out about Anne and HeartSpeak through a very dear friend of mine who knew it was exactly what I needed. I have always believed our physical bodies MAKE us listen to our emotional and spiritual bodies, one way or another and generally through some sort of pain. I was sooo amazed at how much freedom and lightness I felt after dealing with only a few issues during the course. I was lucky enough to also have a treatment and session that has made sooo much more difference to me. I really can’t recommend HeartSpeak enough…it really is life changing.”
– T.S. in Australia

“I was suffering from severe depression, anger, abusive and suicidal thoughts since childhood and having seen many psychologists with a life time of therapy sessions that just did not work; I can testify that HeartSpeak is THE THERAPY OF THE FUTURE! I experienced improvement after just one session! The best of all was I didn’t have to say one word. After years of ‘talking’ therapy that is the SECOND best part about HeartSpeak for me!! The BEST part is the absolute relief you experience when a ‘stuck’ emotion is cleared and you realise: It was not me after all! It was just something preventing me from being the true me! Anne fine-tuned HeartSpeak into a powerful tool and I use it almost every day. My boys are asking me to do HeartSpeak on them when they feel they can’t cope with something or when they are nervous about exams or anything else. I can even help them when they have a problem with me (can you imagine that!!) because they don’t have to tell me what it is or who it is about!! HeartSpeak is the BEST and Anne is saving lives every day. Thank you for reading this and good luck with your journey and healing process.”
– M.J. from South Africa

“I’ve had severe depression in the past when i ended up in hospital for a year. It took me another 2 years to be able to go out of the house and speak to people. I first met Anne a few years ago when some of my clients were going to her as well, and it was amazing to see the change in them. I finally bit the bullet after 2 years booked in with Anne. I haven’t looked back. Recently I have been experiencing severe heart palpitations amongst other things where I ended up back in hospital. Because of my history the doctors went straight to anxiety and just wanted me on meds again without dealing with what was causing it. I’ve been through psychiatrists, psychologist (have even study psychology myself) and knew the answers weren’t there as they were not dealing with the issues. Enter HeartSpeak… finally I feel like I’m getting on top of things. When I feel the palpitations starting or the shortness of breath or depression kicking in again, I just do HeartSpeak or call Anne for a session and I get instant relief. Learning HeartSpeak has been a life changing experience for me and am really enjoying offering it to others and watching their lives change. The one thing I have learnt through the past 20 odd years, is I was the only one who could change my situation and I needed to want to change. The best part of HeartSpeak is I don’t need to constantly discuss or rehash past experience, I’ve just been shown how to let it go. HeartSpeak is a powerful tool. Thanks Anne.”
– T.J. from Australia

“HeartSpeak for me has been liberating, before I met Anne three years ago, my body was as stiff as a board and the pain was awful, it even hurt to sneeze or cough. I had not processed any of my emotions for decades due to a terrible hit in the head when I was sixteen. I very rarely cried or sweated so all the toxins were staying in my body. Since experiencing HeartSpeak I have learned to release these emotions and free them from my muscles. I can now cry quite freely and am pain free and flexible again. It is such a simple process, you don’t have to know what the cause was, just feel the feeling of letting go. There is no pain involved doing HeartSpeak and it is very friendly. Anne has done a wonderful job in perfecting this process. Wishing you all the best. Trust, Let Go, Enjoy! xoxo”
– D.K. from Australia

“I’ve had some amazing personal experiences with Anne doing HeartSpeak with me over the last 2 years. In fact I was so amazed by it that I did the training in Innisfail recently. I’m a very black and white person and I went along with an open mind and no major expectations. However over time the results have been profound and at the same time so natural subtle! The reality is that if you give it a go you have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially sooo much to gain. It’s painless – so why not?!?”
– S.D. from Australia