What is HeartSpeak?

HeartSpeak is an emotional healing and stress reduction tool that works with both parts of the mind: the Logical and the Emotional.

How does it work?
HeartSpeak recognises that many times people find themselves in places they do not wish to be in, feeling things they do not wish to feel, and behaving in ways they wish they did not.

Using simple exercises and techniques, HeartSpeak breaks these old, futile patterns so that healthier, more expansive patterns can emerge. It allows you to reveal answers about repeated patterns of behavior by listening to and working with your heart and your emotions, rather than against them.

Who is it for?
HeartSpeak offers seminars for anyone looking to add to their stress reduction techniques to their toolbox – whether you’re a practitioner, a patient, or just curious.

Who has it helped?
HeartSpeak has helped:

  • Elite Sportspeople who are anxious about focus and performance
  • Students who are struggling to learn
  • Children who have subconsciously adopted fear and may be over-anxious or shy.
  • Practitioners looking for a friendly, fast technique to add to their repertoire to achieve lasting change for their clients.
  • Adults who have anxieties that may relate to childhood, or thought patterns that cause them pain in their life.
  • People who just know that things just aren’t “right” or that there’s more to life!