HeartSpeak Level 1
For anyone interested in this new discipline of emotional healing, regardless if you are already a practitioner, or if you are just interested in learning how to manage your emotions and stress – HeartSpeak Level 1 is for you!

On Day 1, you will be (re)introduced to your Emotional Mind – the part of your mind that mainly feels its way through life. As adults we predominantly use our Logical Minds to navigate through our day, so our Emotional Minds get a bit rusty. We will practice feeling. Yes, sounds odd, but we will practice feeling fully – without thinking or explaining or describing. This is essential for the HeartSpeak process. You will also learn about stress and emotional dis-ease, and why it is so very important to be aware of this aspect of wellbeing.

Muscle testing will be briefly reviewed – not only several ways to perform it, but how to use it reliably within the HeartSpeak process. Then you will learn the flow of the HeartSpeak process itself – one step at a time. By the end of Day 1, you will know how to perform HeartSpeak!

On Day 2, you will learn how to apply HeartSpeak in various contexts: To dissipate unwelcome feelings, to change unwanted behaviours, to resolve stubborn physical symptoms, and to dispel intrusive thoughts – plus other very useful applications. There will be plenty of time for workshopping, so you can easily master the HeartSpeak process and be ready for your first client on Monday morning!

Level 1 also serves as a gateway to other HeartSpeak courses, since it is a prerequisite for Level 2 and the HeartSpeak Specialty Courses, including HeartSpeak for Educators and HeartSpeak for Athletes and Coaches.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Muscle Testing, or prior muscle testing experience.

HeartSpeak Level 2
HeartSpeak Level 2 : Where you make HeartSpeak your own

HeartSpeak Level 2 is where the magic happens –your magic! Once you have grasped the HeartSpeak basics (in Level 1), you will be shown how to make HeartSpeak your own. In Level 2, you will follow the same basic HeartSpeak process but you will learn to individualise it at strategic points. You may feel uncomfortable about deviating from the conventional HeartSpeak process, but rest assured – you will be glad you did!

In addition, you will learn further applications of HeartSpeak – all designed to release layer after layer of unresolved, unhealthy and perhaps non-conscious influences on your life and your wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional and behavioural. Included is plenty of workshop time so that your skills can be honed, enabling you to practice your art with confidence.

HeartSpeak Level 2 is a prerequisite for the HeartSpeak Level 1 Instructors course.

Prerequisites: HeartSpeak Level 1

Introduction to Muscle Testing
Muscle Testing (aka kinesiology) has been fraught with difficulties and uncertainties – and as a result, is often thought of as unreliable and non-objective. For her DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford, Dr Anne Jensen has researched fundamental concepts of muscle testing, and has found that it can indeed be accurate and reliable. In this workshop, she will share the important findings of her research and teach basic muscle testing procedures – so that you can achieve accurate and reliable results.

Attendees will learn the principles of performing valid muscle testing, not only the biomechanics, but also what conditions to test for (and what should not be tested for). Also, hands-on workshops will allow the opportunity to practice new skills using specific applications. Ultimately, attendees will leave the workshop feeling confident that they can use muscle testing to gain insight into their health and wellbeing.

Prerequisites: None

HeartSpeak Level 1 Instructor
HeartSpeak Level 1 Instructor:
Successful completion of the HeartSpeak Level 1 Instructor course is one requirement which will enable career-minded HeartSpeak practitioners to teach HeartSpeak Level 1. During this course, you will learn to deliver effective HeartSpeak Level 1 seminars.

Having previously completed the prerequisites, you will already be proficient in basic HeartSpeak processes, so this course will focus on learning how to deliver a high quality educational product with variety and flair, with the ultimate aim of growing a community of exceptional HeartSpeak practitioners.

The flow of the HeartSpeak Level 1 course program is pre-set, and cycles steadily between lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises. You will be given an outline describing each session plan and you will learn to teach each component. You will be taught the fundamentals of effective demonstrations and how to provide support to participants during workshopping sessions.

A further requirement to becoming a HeartSpeak Level 1 Instructor is to write and submit five (5) case studies, including one case series on a specific condition, following a given protocol. Details about this requirement will be thoroughly outlined during the Instructors course, and you will be supported throughout this process.

To retain your qualification as a HeartSpeak Level 1 Instructor, simply attend two (2) HeartSpeak events each year and teach at least two (2) HeartSpeak Level 1 courses per year (with a minimum combined attendance of at least 10 students).

Prerequisites: HeartSpeak Level 1, HeartSpeak Level 2, and three (3) different HeartSpeak Specialty Courses.

HeartSpeak Specialty Courses
Prerequisites for all Specialty Courses: HeartSpeak Level 1

HeartSpeak for Body Workers
HeartSpeak for Body Workers : Focusing on physical stresses and imbalances
In this course, you will learn special HeartSpeak applications to encourage shifts in physical symptoms of the body, such as joint pain, skin rashes, digestive upset, and many others. Specific processes covered in this course include Dr Anne’s Chronic Pain Protocol and the HeartSpeak Wellness Review. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to learn processes that will encourage more ease in the physical body.

HeartSpeak for Mind Workers
HeartSpeak for Mind Workers : Focusing on mental / emotional stress, motivation and behaviour
When our minds are at peace, we think more clearly and thus, we make better decisions. This HeartSpeak Specialty Course will look especially at unhealthy feelings that plague the mind, such as feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Plus, we will address such topics as anger that seems uncontrollable, the feeling of brain fog, low self-esteem issues, procrastination, self-sabotage and feeling incapable of achieving your potential. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to learn processes that promote a healthy, happy and clear mind.

HeartSpeak Realtime
HeartSpeak for Mind Workers : Focusing on mental / emotional stress, motivation and behaviour
HeartSpeak is typically used in a clinical setting or during quiet times, after an encounter… However, it would useful to also have strategies in place which you can use when you’re in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. Would you like some specific tools that you can use in realtime? Whether you’re in the middle of confrontation, facing a potential conflict, or are experiencing an emotional upset? This course is designed to teach you a series of processes that when implemented you can use to calm yourself, reduce escalating stress and get you in a better mental state. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to teach processes that you help you in the present moment.

HeartSpeak for Shifting Unwanted Habits
HeartSpeak for Shifting Unwanted Habits: For those who want to change behaviours
Do you have a habit or a behaviour that you would like to change? This could be an addiction or a compulsion – and quite frankly, it’s possible to become addicted to or have a compulsion toward anything – it is not limited to biochemical substance. The HeartSpeak approach toward these habits is simple: the reason that you do your addiction or compulsion is because of the way the substance or behaviour makes you feel – which is just a feeling and therefore, an ideal target for HeartSpeak. Some common unwanted habits include cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, food, relationships, sex, love, porn, gambling, your phone, gaming, shopping, hoarding, handwashing, and even talking! If you’d like to be free of the “need” to do a habit, then this course is for you. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to teach processes that loosen the ties that bind you to unwanted habits. [DISCLAIMER: It is acknowledged that withdrawal from certain biochemical substances can be fatal if not properly managed; therefore, if you suffer from such an addition, you are welcome to take this course with prior disclosure to HeartSpeak of the severity your condition and with written permission from your medical specialist.]

HeartSpeak for Financial Transformation
HeartSpeak for Financial Transformation : For anyone who has stress around money
Do you constantly struggle with money? Is there always too much month at the end of your paycheck? Has cash flow slowed – or even dried up? Then this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is for you! During this course, you will learn protocols for getting your financial mojo back! You will learn to take the charge off of money and disperse any resistance – which may allow the cash to flow again. Among others, you will learn Dr. Anne’s HeartSpeak Money Protocol. Be prepared to be surprised at the results! The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to learn processes that allow a favourable flow of money into your life.

HeartSpeak for Harmonious Relationships
HeartSpeak for Harmonious Relationships : Whether you are currently in a relationship or not
Whether platonic or romantic, with partners, friends, workmates, or family, everyone has relationships. This course will give you the tools to form and maintain satisfying and supportive relationships. These tools will address ways to embrace the new relationship paradigm that seems to be emerging, and to let go of obsolete and unserving ideals which may no longer be sustainable. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to clear the way to receive others and be received by others.

HeartSpeak for Educators
HeartSpeak for Educators : For teachers, childminders and anyone who shows
Strong emotion and stress can interfere with brain function and inhibit learning. This course is designed for teachers, teacher aides, and other educators who wish to help their students through blocks in learning. We will also specifically look at reading difficulties, attention issues, disinterest, and underachievement. In addition to academic concerns, tactics to diffuse social difficulties and unproductive behaviour will be addressed. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to provide tools to educators to help children find enjoyment and gratification through learning.

HeartSpeak for Parents
HeartSpeak for Parents : Because our children need us to be our best
If you knew there were tools to dissipate emotional upset in your child, would you wish to learn them? If so, this course if for you! In this course, you will be taught a range of tools to get through such childhood dramas as sibling rivalry, sleep problems and fussy eating. In addition, the processes taught in this course may also help with toilet training, biting, tantrums and outbursts, self-esteem, poor school performance, apathy, relationship issues, and many others. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to teach processes that allow parents to help diminish emotional stress in their children.

HeartSpeak for Athletes and Coaches
HeartSpeak for Athletes and Coaches : To gain an edge to optimise performance
This HeartSpeak Specialty Course is specifically designed for athletes and coaches wishing to optimise sports performance. During this course, you will learn processes that will help remove the burden of competitive stress which can hinder success. Top athletes know the importance of a sharp focus and a strong competitive drive – and this course will show you how to amplify these and similar factors. Also included will be how to address such conditions as chronic or recurring injuries, flexibility, skill acquisition, motivation and confidence. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to teach processes that allow the emergence of “flow” which can optimise athletic performance.

HeartSpeak for Performers and Artists
HeartSpeak for Performers and Artists : So you can shine
Are you an actor at heart – but are paralysed by stage fright? Would you love to sing – but “choke” in front of crowds? Do you have a novel in you – but suffer from “writers block?” In this course, you will learn special HeartSpeak applications designed to shift performance issues so that you are free to shine! Whether you are an actor, singer, musician, writer, painter or magician, this HeartSpeak course may be just what you are looking for! The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to teach processes that remove blocks to outstanding performances.

HeartSpeak for Kids
HeartSpeak for Kids : Giving children tools to find ease, joy and playfulness
This HeartSpeak Specialty Course is designed for children aged 8 to 12 years. Participants will learn to distinguish between their Logical and Emotional Minds and they will be taught specific tools which kids can use to get themselves out of emotional strife. They will learn how to manage potential difficult or distressing situations – such as bullying, failure and perfectionism, and the birth of siblings and other major changes. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to teach kids tools which can offer them more resilience and flexibility.

HeartSpeak for Groups
HeartSpeak for Groups : For collective healing
Do you work with groups whose members share a similar interest, background or affliction? Have you noticed that there are common themes of unhealthy feelings running through many of your group members? Then come learn how to apply HeartSpeak to your group! HeartSpeak can be an effective way for groups to heal as a whole – and we have found that oftentimes healing in groups can be even more powerful than healing individually. Whether the focus of your group is healing a past hurt (e.g. suffers of domestic violence) or overcoming an affliction (e.g. anger management) or a common interest (e.g. entrepreneurs for global sustainability) or even personal empowerment (e.g. girlpower!), this course will give you invaluable tools that will complement and enrich your current program, taking it to the next level. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to teach group leaders how to apply HeartSpeak to gatherings of people for the purpose of collective healing.

HeartSpeak for Pets
HeartSpeak for Pets : Bring ease back into the lives of your furry loved ones
Pets have feelings too! They stress out, they become upset, and they learn undesirable behaviours. And because they are primarily functioning from their Emotional Minds, they are ideal candidates for HeartSpeak. During this HeartSpeak course you will learn how to apply HeartSpeak to animals such as dogs, cats, and horses, for a variety of pet-related issues – such as separation anxiety, compulsive barking, chewing or clawing, difficulty in trailering (horses), and others. The aim of this HeartSpeak Specialty Course is to learn processes that will encourage more ease in your pet.