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Why use the HeartSpeak Cards app?

Nowadays we seem to regularly experience unpleasant feelings – such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, aggression, and fear – to name just a few. However, these feelings are not only unpleasant – they are actually harmful. Research suggests that they can severely impact your health and diminish your sense of wellbeing. Furthermore, because they are linked to survival, they hijack your attention and seem to stay at the forefront of our awareness – pushing the more pleasant feelings out of our consciousness. This makes it difficult to find these pleasant feelings – such as joy, peace, serenity, clarity and bliss – so much so that we forget what these feelings feel like. These pleasant feelings, by the way, are also actually beneficial and health-promoting.

That is why this app is so important: beneficial feelings must be experienced regularly for them to promote health. The good news is that research also shows that beneficial feelings can become easier to recall with practice. This app was designed for you to practice the beneficial feelings – so that they will be within reach when you wish to recall them.

How to use this HeartSpeak Cards App

Choosing a Feeling at Random: ”If you’d like to choose a Feeling at random, click on the Begin button, and then swipe left until you come to the card you wish. Then tap on it to reveal the random feeling. By tapping on the card, it will reveal other words which can be used to evoke the desired feeling.

Choosing a Specific Feeling: You can deliberately choose a specific feeling – using the “Browse” button. For example, say you would like to feel Gratitude, after clicking the Browse button, swipe left until you find the Gratitude card! (They are in alphabetical order). By tapping on the card, it will reveal other words which can be used to evoke the desired feeling.

Then feel the feeling: The pictures in this app were purposefully designed to help you evoke the specific feeling. While looking at the picture, start evoking the feeling. Once you have the feeling, make it big and bold and as physical as possible – involving your whole body. We suggest closing your eyes once you have found the feeling. Also, you may find it easier to start looking for the feeling in your heartspace, and then making it grow from there.

If you are finding it difficult to feel the feeling, first find a little glimmer of it – then let it go. Then look again for another glimmer of it – and let it go. Then look again for a glimmer, etc. Do this until you can hold the glimmer of the feeling for as long as you like.

How long to feel the feeling: Feel the feeling for at least 10 seconds – or for as long as several minutes – or longer. You chose! Feel the feeling for as long as you wish. The amount of time you feel the feeling is not as important as feeling it regularly – preferably daily. With regular practice, you will be able to feel each feeling very quickly.

Afterwards: Feeling these feelings are like a mini-meditation. When you have finished, slowly open your eyes and ease back into your day! It is not uncommon to continue to feel the feeling and enjoy its benefits long after you have opened your eyes.


Suggestions when to use the HeartSpeak Cards App

Suggestion #1: Start your day and end your day with a beneficial feeling

Suggestion #2: During the day when you need a break or little pick-me-up

Suggestion #3: When you are faced with an unpleasant feeling

Suggestion #4: Choose a HeartSpeak Card anytime you are moved to!


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